Psychology of colors

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What is the meaning of colors in logos?

What are the feelings that these colors can produce?


When it comes time to identify your product, the logo is on the forefront of the visual. It is on your business card, on your website as well as your products and invoices.

After choosing the design of your Logo, the colors of it will play a very important role. It is no longer enough to simply have a beautiful image and design. There is a psychology behind the colors and the feelings they produce. The colors makes emotions emerge consciously and unconsciously.

It takes about 90 seconds to the subconscious for someone to make an idea of what they see. The majority of those judgments are based on the colors that are presented.

Nearly 85% of consumers agree that color is the primary reason to buy a particular product and 80% of people believe that the color of the logo allows them to increase the recognition of the brand.

There are a variety of colors as well as their derivatives.

Here are few examples of colors and great companies that uses them.
Red: Is often associated with fire and heat, it is considered a high excitation color.
This color stimulates people to take risks. It increases blood pressure and stimulates feelings of power, passion, energy, aggression and danger


Yellow: Is often associated with the sun and heat and is considered a high excitation color.|
This color stimulates the feeling of hope, optimism, cowardice and betrayal
Blue: is often associated with cold, calm, sea and sky.
This color stimulates feelings of confidence, security, order and cleanliness. It also lowers blood pressure.


Orange: is often associated with the sun’s heat and the fire is considered a color that creates a sense of high excitement.
This color stimulates the feeling of energy, balance and heat


Green: is often associated to the freshness
This color is associated with nature, health, luck and jealousy
Purple: is considered a low- stimulus color
This color is associated with spirituality , mystery, royalty and arrogance

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  1. Jo - March 7, 2016 at 10:23 pm Reply

    this is amazing !
    funny thing is after reading this post from imagein, every time i look at a logo now i try and check what colors they have chosen and what purpose does it serve.

    this post explained so much and has come handy and accurate.

    Thanks you imagein

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